Recently Alon Perlmuter and Vladimir Kravtsov (HUJI CS undergraduates, working on an academic project supervised by Dr. Haya Shulman and by me) implemented a web interface for running our DNS resolver measurement tool (the short paper by Prof. Michael Waidner, Dr. Haya Shulman and me, describing this tool is submitted to review in an academic conference). The website enables the client to measure the DNS resolver his/her browser is using, and detect the DNS resolver software and various other interesting parameters. Some statistics are also collected and displayed.

Visit our site (dns.xray.sit.fraunhofer.de) and find out which software drives your DNS resolver!

UPDATE (October 2017): this work was presented as a poster in CCS 2017. The short paper version can be found here.

Note: the measurement part doesn't work for mobile platforms (mobile phones, tablets, etc.).